“Hugo Chavez” Petrochemical Complex.

Morón, State Carabobo.


Installation of large diameter pipeline for the seawater intake and discharge system of the New “Hugo Chavez” Petrochemical Complex.

Installation of 675 m. (477m. offshore) of Ø 3.0 m pipeline for seawater intake.

Installation of 230 m. (108m. offshore) of Ø 2.2 m pipeline for seawater discharge.

Installation of 100 t. intake head. Construction of 240 m of temporary steel dock to perform works

in the surf zone, driving of steel piles (Ø 20" and Ø 24"), construction and installation of steel

platforms and installation of steel sheet piling.

Dredging of 30,000 m3 with pipe discharging cutting dredger (Ø 20″) and dredging of 100,000 m3

with self-propelled hopper TSHD type (Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger) with discharge of dredged

material to a site located 5 km away from the dredging area.


  • Client : Pequiven.
  • Date : February 1, 2012